Joelle Norowod

My Story

Hello, Hello, I’m Joelle Norwood aka The Media Mama, that’s how I greet thousands of fans on YouTube daily. Who am I? And how did I become The Media Mama? For 30+ years my job as TV Producer for such TV shows as Entertainment Tonight, Dr Phil, The Rachel Ray Show has been making people look good and sound great on camera and off. That’s a long time! I’ve watched technology evolve from 2 inch tape to 2 inch smartphones, and from 3 networks to 300 cable channels to 3 million YouTube channels*. But no matter how much the world has changed, 2 keys to success remain constant: to build audience loyalty and retention, you need to create a compelling message and connect authentically to your tribe.

Presently, I am a strategist in the areas of digital media, social media, web design, and online commerce. From time to time, you’ll find me on TV and at conferences speaking about “Joining the New Norm”.  Want to know about me – just Google my name. MORE ABOUT JOELLE.