Joelle Norwood is a dynamic & entertaining speaker and business consultant who always delivers results. She brings years of hands on experience as a TV producer and entrepreneur as well as years of business knowledge combined with a passion for technology to the stage every time she talks and with every client engagement.

She is an early adopter of technology and the social media space. She is also considered a rising expert in YouTube and the online video marketing space. Joelle is able to address these topics at a high level. As an online teacher/trainer she teaches entrepreneurs on the finer points of marketing in the new media world from both strategic, creative and tactical angles. Joelle believes that everyone can and should “Join the New Norm” and makes it fun and relevant to the crowd.

From 1989 to 2009 Joelle founded and managed Airwaves Inc., a video – broadcast production company servicing such broadcast clients at CBS Paramount Entertainment Tonight, Dr Phil and The Rachel Ray Show. In 2010 Joelle launched her own marketing agency, The Media Mama Design Studios, which provides her clients with web design, video production, social media marketing agency. Her clients have included Paramount Pictures, MTV, Consumer Reports, HBO, as well as many corporate and small local businesses.

Joelle is available for everything from creative brainstorming to full blown creative direction on projects. Training and strategic planning are also available options. She is a long standing member of the DGA (The Director’s Guild of America).


Topics I Speak About:

+ Life Lessons From The Red Carpet: Mick Jagger to Angelina & Brad
+ Future of Media: What Happened to Black and White TV?
+ OMG I Forgot To Tweet: Interruption Marketing Is Over, Social Media Is Here To Stay
+ My Life on YouTube: Today Everyone Is A Broadcaster
+ The Brand of You

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